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Hello everyone and welcome to our Jolly Jangles website.  We are a family of twelve lovingly created crochet teddy bears called the Jolly Jangles. Learn more about what we get up to with our friends in our new series of children’s rhyming picture books and how we can help you and your children!

Snowflake Sunshine

We are the Jolly Jangles

Click here to download the original painted picture of our Jolly Jangle called Rainbow.

Are you going to ‘Follow the Rainbow Trail’?

Here’s a Jolly Jangle called Rainbow that your children can colour in and display in your window.  

Click on the drawing to download the page then print from your device.

Click here  to download  to your device Click here to download, save and print to your device.

No words can express what these devoted people go through every minute of every day just for us. They risk their lives so much that words fail me. Thank you just doesn't do it but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Introducing one of the Jolly Jangles friends - “Tuttle the Tortoise” now available on Amazon.


The book has been awarded 5 star status by Readers Favourites so we are over the moon!

We are also super excited to announce that my new book "Tuttle the Tortoise" has been featured on Story Time with Mr. Read, see the link below.

Listen to Mr Read tell the story of Tuttle's Birthday 'Meet the Jolly Jangles' out now on Amazon.  Click here and get your copy, share the stories with your little one and make moments to treasure.

We almost forgot to tell you….  we have this amazing new dance that we do called the ‘Wiggle Waggle’, here it is on Facebook -


We also have some great fun exercises that we do too, they help keep us trim and full of energy ready for all of our adventures.  We would love it if you could learn how to do them and join us every morning. They only take less than 3 minutes to do!


Have fun and see you all soon!

Jolly Jangles Group Photo

We hope you enjoy our stories that have been written in rhyme just for you by our creator Marilyn Cook.

The first of our story books ‘Meet the Jolly Jangles’,  that introduces our young readers to the Jolly Jangles, can be found on Amazon  


Please let us know what you think and if you have your own special story that you would like us to include then please do get in touch.

Say hello to Sunset, a member of the Jolly Jangle Family Say hello to Splosh, a member of the Jolly Jangle Family Say hello to Podge, a member of the Jolly Jangle Family Say hello to Scruff, a member of the Jolly Jangle Family Say hello to the other members of the Jolly Jangle Family

Before we forget….  here is a picture of us all, just click on it if you would like to see it bigger, hope you like it!

Say hello to Podge, a member of the Jolly Jangle Family

Please ‘like us’ on Facebook

Read all about my interview with Old Mate Media


"Meet the Jolly Jangles" is on Amazon now.  Click here to get your copy! Click here  to get  your copy! Rudy's Lost His Red Nose! - out now on Amazon
Tuttle the Tortoise - children's rhyming picture book

If you would like to see more colouring in pages, games and masks to make please visit our page for Games, the Christmas Masks are also available for free download too!